Loving People

In John 13:35 Jesus says that the marker of His followers is love. We are called to love people unconditionally with the same type of love that He demonstrated to us.


In John 14 Jesus says that He is life and we can only truly know life through Him. He also tells us in John 10 that He came so that we could know the fullest expression of life possible. 


To be successful in any endeavor there is a certain level of intentionality that is required. If we are to truly "Love People to Life" we must align our activity and energy towards that very endeavor. That is why we have identified the following 4 values to guide our decision making and drive our behavior. We want you (and everyone in our community) to know the full life that Jesus explicitly details for us in Scripture. 



Helping people find and follow Jesus

The great commission is a call to every Christ follower to create more Christ followers. We want to be disciples that make disciples and believe that evangelism and discipleship are two sides of the same coin. Evangelism is the first step in discipleship, where we help people find Jesus. From there we equip those who have found Jesus to become fully devoted followers of Christ doing the work of the ministry.  The Gospel doesn't just transform our church life, but it transforms our entire lives. It doesn't just change who we are on Sunday, but who we are everyday.

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Bringing every generation together to reach the next

We believe that everyone, regardless of your stage in life, has something to contribute and that together Christ will use us to build His church. Faith Mountain is an intergenerational church where each generation is not only represented, but part of the work we are doing to fulfill our savior's mission to seek and save the lost. We are willing to sacrifice to reach the next generation of Christ followers.


Sacrifice and gratitude

We are a give first church! We give first, give freely, and give fearlessly. We are not satisfied with this just being something we say on a Sunday, but we live it out. We give sacrificially to the mission because our lives and the lives of others will be better for it. We do this, not because of what we want from people, but what we want for people. We sacrifice and we recognize sacrifice. We will not take for granted the efforts of others to grow God’s kingdom, but will lead the way in expressions of gratitude. 

Crick & Mindy Porier - Missionaries in Estonia

Crick & Mindy Porier - Missionaries in Estonia

We multiply and send

The church is a movement of multiplication and sending. As we look at history, we see the church advance and grow through the multiplication of Christ followers, leaders, and churches. The multiplied are then sent to advance the gospel to the ends of the earth. We will do everything we can to continue that legacy of multiplication and sending as we multiply ourselves in every way possible so that we can send people out to advance the kingdom.