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A Day of Worship to End 2012

12/30/12: Out with the Old...In with the New

Christmas Candelight Service

12/23/12: Christmas Candlelight Service

Aiming at Excellence

12/16/12: Aren't We All Looking For A Sign? -  - Online sermon notes

12/09/12: Loving With Excellence 

12/02/12: The Investment of a Lifetime

11/25/12: "How Do I love Thee"

11/18/12: "Vision 2013"

Within Reach

11/11/12: "Get In The Game" 

11/4/12: "The Rest of The Story"

10/28/12: "Live It Up!"

10/21/12: "The Priceless 1%"

10/14/12: "You Can't Give What You Don't Get"

Get Connected

10/07/12: "Don't Believe the Lies"

09/30/12: "Something's Got to Give"

09/23/12: "You Won't Grow If You Don't Go"

09/16/12: "Life Is Hard...You Can't Do It Alone"

Living Your Strengths

09/09/12: Serving in Our Strengths

09/02/12: "Strength In Unity"

08/26/12: Excuses-What's the reason you're not serving?

08/19/12: "You is Special"

Matthew 18:20

08/12/12: Two Heads Are Better - Week 2

08/05/12: Two Heads Are Better - Week 1

Summer New Testament series

07/29/12: Fear Not

07/22/12: Re-Creation

07/15/12: Making Your Relationships Work

06/24/12: CSI: Critical Spiritual Investigation

06/10/12: Ministry of Reconciliation

06/03/12: Live by Faith

Pray Until Something Happens

07/08/12: I Prayed...But Nothing Happened!

07/01/12: P.U.S.H. - It's a God Thing

Navajo Mission Trip

06/17/12: Navajo Mission Trip recap

Guest speaker Jonathan Simpson

05/27/12: Make an Impact!


05/20/12: Baptism - Like A Wedding Ring

Not A Fan

05/13/12: Are you a Fan or Follower? - Is Jesus enough?

05/06/12: Are you a Fan or Follower? - More than rules

04/29/12: Are you a Fan or Follower? - The Comfortable Cross

04/22/12: Are you a Fan or Follower? - Choosing Intimacy

04/15/12: Are you a Fan or Follower? - The Open Invitation

04/08/12: Are you a Fan or Follower? - Defining the relationship

Famous Last Words

04/01/12: Today, you will be with Me in paradise...

03/25/12: It Is Finished...

03/18/12: My God, My God...The Forsaken Christ

03/11/12: Father, Forgive Them...

Weird - Because Normal Isn't Working Anymore

03/04/12: A Weird View of Money

02/26/12: Weird Way to Save the World

02/19/12: Weird Desires

02/12/12: Weird is better

02/05/12: Weird in a God Way

Vision - 2012

01/29/12: Create Followers - A New Journey for Mark and Karen Aaland

01/22/12: Love Others Like God Loves Us

01/15/12: Love God! What does that mean?

01/08/12: Vision - 2012

New Year's Day

01/01/12: New Year - New Creation

Christmas Services

12/24/11: Christmas Eve Service

12/25/11: Christmas Day Service


12/18/11: AKA God-Jehovah Emmanuel:The Lord is With Us

12/11/11: AKA God-Jehovah Nissi:The Lord is Our Banner

12/04/11: AKA God-Jehovah Tsidkenu:The Lord is Our Righteousness

11/27/11: AKA God-Jehovah Rohi:The Lord is My Shepherd


11/20/11: "First Fruits" Sunday plus Baby Dedications and Baptisms

11/13/11: Give Thanks

11/06/11: Take Up Your Cross

10/30/11: We Are Called To Be Unstoppable

10/23/11: God Is Unstoppable

Live Like You Were Dying

10/16/11: Give Forgiveness

10/09/11: Love Deeper

10/02/11: Speak Sweeter

9/25/11: Live Like You Were Dying

Christian Aetheists

9/18/11: You believe in God but you don't share your faith

9/11/11: You believe in God but trust more in money

9/4/11: You believe in God but not in His church

8/28/11: You believe in God but don't know Him