you can get your King Soopers Gift Card by going to the faith café

or email


Did you know?.....The King's Cupboard is funded entirely by you!

Our only source of revenue for the food pantry is from the rewards we receive when YOU use your King Soopers Gift Card.  

If every family at Faith Mountain uses their reloadable cards for their weekly errands, we will be able to keep our shelves stocked and continue to serve the community!  Here's how you do it:

  1. Purchase a Reloadable Gift Card from the Faith Café.  They cost $5 and have $5 already loaded on them so....FREE!
  2. Reload the card at the store register or gas pump. (Do this before starting to ring up your groceries or pump gas.)
  3. Remember to use your gift card every time you shop or fuel up!
  4. Purchase extra cards from the Faith Café as gifts for family and friends!

For every dollar you load to your reloadable gift card at King Soopers, The King's Cupboard earns 5%. (That means for every $100 you spend, the food pantry receives $5.00!)

  • Use your reloadable King Soopers gift card to purchase groceries, gas, and prescriptions!
  • Cards are accepted at all Kroger brand stores nationwide!
  • Cards expire after 90 days of $0 balance. If your card is expired, please contact us!