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A different way of supporting the king’s cupboard

If you have been supporting the King’s Cupboard through the use of King Soopers Gift Cards, first of all THANK YOU!  However, King Soopers has changed their Community Rewards Program as of April 1, and we no longer get rewards from the gift cards.  (If you still have money on a card, don’t worry though, you can still use it!) The good news is, their new program is even easier for you to use!  Go to, click on “Enroll,” enter your Sooper Card number and our organization number BY656.  For assistance or more information, contact Sheila in the office at 303-980-1683 or


need prayer?

We believe that prayer is powerful and would love to pray for you. To share your prayer need fill out the back of a contact card or go to the Sunday Tab in the Faith Mountain app and click “Need Prayer.”

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Last month your checkins helped support the King’s Cupboard Food Bank. Checkins this month will go to help support our Whiz Kids tutoring program at Green Mountain Elementary. One of the key elements that makes Whiz Kids successful is the teacher liaison at the school. This person is at every Whiz Kids session and helps our tutors focus on the specific needs of each child. Every 75 checkins will fund this paid position, funded by Whiz Kids, for one week.

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