Remember to accompany your fast with confession of sin. Confess your sin, your spiritual weaknesses, your lack of dependence on God; through this we can experience the cleansing forgiveness of Jesus Christ. 

Scripture Reading

I John 1-2 

Key passages

I Samuel 7:6 — “When they had assembled at Mizpah, they drew water and poured it out before the LORD. On that day they fasted and there they confessed, ‘We have sinned against the LORD.’” 

Fasting thought

“Confession recognizes the absence of God’s presence in our lives through our own willfulness or indifference. Fasting is an act of craving more of God’s presence, power and purity in our lives and ministry. Confession is admitting there is something wrong between us and God. Fasting is longing for the fullness of God to flood our souls. When we practice confession in our fasting, our fasting becomes more than a tool to bring God back to us; it becomes an instrument moving us back to God because God never moves.” - Gary Rohrmayer 


Father in heaven, show me through this fast those areas of spiritual weakness and self-reliance in my life so that I may confess them and receive your healing, cleansing and purifying forgiveness. Father, I want to experience a new level of spiritual refreshment and strength that can only come through you. In the strong name of Jesus Christ our Lord I pray. Amen. 

Prayer & Fasting Journal

We encourage you to keep a journal to document your thoughts and prayers as God moves during this time of prayer and fasting. You can journal on your smart phone, on paper, or anywhere that will be easily accessed by you and work well as you journey through these 21 days. 

21 Days of Prayer & Fasting | A Fasting Guide for Spiritual Breakthroughs | Written by Gary Rohrmayer