Loving People

In John 13:35 Jesus says that the marker of His followers is love. We are called to love people unconditionally with the same type of love that He demonstrated to us.


In John 14 Jesus says that He is life and we can only truly know life through Him. He also tells us in John 10 that He came so that we could know the fullest expression of life possible. 

How do we do this?

To be successful in any endeavor there is a certain level of intentionality that is required. If we are to truly "Love People to Life" we must align our activity and energy towards that very endeavor. That is why we have identified the following 5 values that we believe are ultimately found at some point in the faith journey of every believer. God uses these 5 things as catalysts to greater faith and ultimately a full life found in following him. We have found this to be true in our lives as well. That is why we are committed to aligning our activity as a church around these 5 values. We want you (and everyone in our community) to know the full life that Jesus explicitly details for us in Scripture. 

We believe that each believer experiences these 5 things throughout our faith journeys. How have these things been a catalyst in your faith (at Faith Mountain or elsewhere)? We invite you to share your story. It will encourage us and inspire others. Thank you for engaging in our new vision and values.