EASTER SUNDAY, APRIL 1ST AT 8:45 and 10:30 AM.

Easter is for everyone! You don't have to have your faith figured out or have everything together to belong. In fact, we all struggle with doubt. We all have difficult questions. Church should be a safe place to bring your doubts and questions. A place to explore faith and find truth. Bring your doubts. bring your questions. We welcome you!

Looking for information on our Easter for lakewood event?

Click the button below for details on this fun, free event with over 20,000 candy filled eggs. 

First time Guest???

If you have never been to Faith Mountain, we consider our first time guests our VIPs. Please make sure to let us know it is your first time, we would love to get to know you better and answer any questions you have about Faith Mountain. We even have a free gift for you. 


We spend a great deal of time and energy creating a weekend worship experience for people like you. It’s there where we believe that people far from God can have a fresh encounter with Jesus each weekend, through preaching, worship, and creativity.

Many people don’t know where to begin when visiting a church for the first time. Often it can feel overwhelming and we want to make it as simple as possible for you. Check out the links below for all the information you need.

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