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Our History

In 2006 we started Faith Mountain with the idea that we would be a church that starts new churches. We have seen God do great things in our church with over 200 baptisms. We make an impact on families in our community through our engagement in Whiz Kids and Santa Shop as well as the King’s Cupboard and Closet (our food and clothing bank). God has done great things, but we believe that the best is yet to come and we are now putting plans together to start multiplying with our first new church. 

Why Start New Churches?

As one of the fastest growing cities in America, the Denver Metro area has become a great place for people to relocate and experience a new way of life. The Front Range is beautiful in scope, but lacks spiritual depth. As one of the top 10 unchurched states in the nation, the need the Church to expand its influence in Colorado is essential.

  • Less than 13% of the Front Range population attend an evangelical church regularly.

  • Colorado ranks 41 of 50 states in people who say religion is an important part of their life.

  • Denver is ranked the 14th most post-Christian city in the nation and 18th most unchurched city in the nation.

  • The majority of people around you will experience a Christ-less eternity.

  • 1/3 of all new churches are made up of primarily unchurched people

  • New Churches baptize, on average, 8.3 people more per 100 people than an established church*

  • Studies confirm that the average new church grows from unchurched people (60-80%), while churches over 15 years old gain 80-90% by transfer from other congregations.

  • This year approximately 4000 churches will close their doors. We need new churches to rise up and reach people in these communities.

  • We have seen what God can do through a brand new church

[statistics taken from Pew Research and The Barna Group.]

We must embrace God’s mission for Faith Mountain with passion! Part of that mission is to “Create Followers of Jesus,” so these statistics should cause great concern on one hand; great excitement on the other, recognizing the amazing opportunity God has placed in our pathway. Yes, there is an urgency, however, there is an even greater hope.

Our Next Step Towards Starting Churches

It has been said that healthy baby churches are like healthy babies. Their likelihood of survival is often directly tied to their birth weight. This means that we need to resource this new baby church well.  We will need to provide excellent leaders and substantial funding to make this happen. We need to invest heavily in people: building leaders and helping everyone Reach Your Peak. This requires a leadership development system that is investing in people so that they can become leaders at Faith Mountain and in this new church. We also need to make a greater investment in Life Groups. Life Groups are the primary vehicle for care and spiritual growth at Faith Mountain.

What will it take?

After a great deal of prayer and consideration we have concluded that in order to meet this goal we need to add high caliber experienced staff to lead the way in spiritual formation and group life. Our current staff works tirelessly to pour into people and develop leaders, but this type of investment in people requires additional pastoral staff so that we can have an intentional focus on helping people Reaching Their Peak.

  • A pastor that is highly intentional to leading Life Groups with a year round emphasis on group life.

  • A fully developed system of discipleship and leadership development.

  • Developing leaders and faithful Christ followers willing to step out in faith and start a new church.

  • A church-wide commitment to reaching the front range for Christ through starting new churches.

How Will This Impact Our Future?

Greater emphasis on discipleship. Having a staff person devoted to helping people Reach Their Peak will allow for a much greater emphasis on growing mature Christ followers. We want everyone who calls Faith Mountain home to know that we care for them, invest in them, and want them to fully develop into the person God has created and called them to be.

Greater emphasis on reaching our community. Having a staff person devoted to discipleship and leader development allows our existing staff to place a greater emphasis on reaching our community for Christ. We have always looked for creative outside the box ways to reach unchurched families in our community and this will allow us more time to strategically reach our community for Christ.

Takes our first strategic step towards starting a healthy baby church. Faith Mountain started with the dream to be a church that starts new churches. God has now positioned us take concrete steps towards making that God-given dream a reality. Investing in people will build a stronger Faith Mountain from which to send a healthy baby church.

Year End Giving Goal

Tier 1 - $40,000: This level of giving will provide the funds to hire a pastor to allow us to invest in life groups and spiritual formation. This will allow us to do incredible things in discipleship and take a big first step towards church planting.

Tier 2 - $50,000: This level of giving will provide for the staff person we need to elevate life groups, but will also allow us to hire a 10-hour weekly employee to invest in our school age children. This would give us the equivalent of a full-time staff person in Children’s Ministry and help us better serve children and families.

Tier 3 - $60,000: This level of giving will provide the two previously mentioned staff, but will also allow us to increase our Office Manager’s hours to 30 hours per week. This would provide necessary support to our staff and allow them to have a greater focus on reaching people and raising people to be fully devoted followers of Christ.  

Tier 4 - Over $60,000: This level of giving will provide the additional staff and Office Manager extended work hours, but will also allow us to make some much-needed audio/visual technical enhancements to the Worship Center. Our world is constantly changing and advancing technologically and we recognize the need to incorporate these advances to make the Sunday Worship experience more attractive to unchurched people. Some options may include: new projectors, improved lighting, and sound enhancements.

Our Timeline

October 16: Share the Add to Multiply vision in Sunday Services

November 20: Staff/Elder/Key Leaders give their gifts in advance

December 18: Our entire church brings their gifts to add to multiply.

Ways to Give


Make a gift through our secure giving site. You can give via credit/debit card or ACH. Click here to make an online gift.


Click here or text "GIVE" to (720) 539-7335 to give via text message. To give to Add to Multiply just enter your dollar amount followed by Add (i.e. "$100 add")

There is a one time enrollment form and then you can just text an amount to give in the future. To see a video of how it works click here.


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To donate business assets, partnerships, and commercial or agricultural real estate, please go to, select an option under “Make a Gift” and follow the instructions.

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